About Us

The Mental Health Task Force of Polk County is a non-profit organization committed to addressing community mental health needs cooperatively. 

The task force is comprised of mental health care providers, government and law enforcement representatives, human service agencies, school personnel, and community members.

The Mission of the Mental Health Task Force of Polk County is to:

  • Be a leader in identifying issues faced by all people affected by mental illness
  • Facilitate improvements in mental health services
  • Give consumers and families a strong voice
  • Reduce stigma
  • Implement recovery principles

The Mental Health Task Force of Polk County, Wisconsin first met in January of 2008. They began as a grassroots collection of individuals and agencies meeting together to talk about mental health needs in their communities. The group agreed there were barriers of stigma and awareness of mental health problems on the part of the residents, and problems with coordination, availability, and accessibility on the part of the mental health service providers.

After numerous meetings, it was clear that ongoing local commitment to the issue of mental health was essential. The official Mental Health Task Force of Polk County was created in May of 2008 to more effectively address the community’s mental health needs. In October of 2011, the Mental Health Task Force was awarded 501c3 status as an officially recognized non-profit.

This video was made possible through funding from the AnnMarie Foundation.

What We Do

The Mental Health Task Force has worked to build a solid foundation of community partnerships, funding, programing, and awareness-raising initiatives in order to offer solutions to Polk County’s mental health problems.

Community Partnerships

The Mental Health Task Force is pleased to partner with area medical centers, clinics, counseling agencies, private therapists, government agencies, as well as other nonprofit service organizations.


The Mental Health Task force has been awarded and continues to seek out applicable grants to further their work in the community. They also welcome donations.


Pilot projects and programs of the Task Force include: YScreen, a mental health screening program in schools; Healthy Beginnings, an early intervention, mental health therapy for young children in their home and school settings; and Youth Suicide Prevention, an evidence-based suicide prevention program.

Awareness Initiatives

From information sharing on their website, to brochures, Back-of-the-Door informative tactics, and offering trainings, the Mental Health Task Force seeks to bring attention to, and give resources for mental health issues in the community.


Connecting You To Resources!

When you have a problem with your heart, you go to a cardiologist. When you have a toothache, you go to the dentist. When you break your leg, you see your family doctor. So why do we hesitate to get help when we have a problem with our mental health?

Unfortunately, we may believe that we should “snap out of it,” “pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps,” or just “buck up.” This kind of thinking creates shame, and rather than healing, it makes our mental health problems worse.

The Mental Health Task Force of Polk County is committed to challenging negative attitudes about mental illness and reducing the stigma of seeking treatment. We can help you find answers to some of the most common mental health questions and connect you to resources in your community.



Meeting Schedule

The Task Force conducts a member meeting the 3rd Thursday of each month:
8 to 9:30 a.m.
St Croix Falls High School Board Room
Contact: Michelle Doolittle
secretary@mentalhealthpolk.org / 651-343-3840


Board of Directors Meetings

The Task Force Board of Directors meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month:
4:30 to 6 p.m.
Polk County Government Center, Balsam Lake
Contact: Tom Brock, Executive Director
tombrock@mentalhealthpolk.org / 651-343-3840