Life’s Issues

Life comes with a lot of issues. For some of us, the issues can be overwhelming and take more mental energy and resources that we can manage.

For some, these issues may be a part of who we are, but seen as abnormal by others. This may make you feel sad, angry, or confused. To help you deal through these emotions, it may require some external support to help you be OK with you and cope with others.

Other issues, like addictions, may be a unhealthy behavior that you have been attempting to manage yourself for a long time, but with little to no success. These issues will wear you out! They are best handled with the help of a professional and others who have had the same issue, i.e., a support group.

And other issues are not only abnormal, they are dangerous and unacceptable. They will likely require intervention. If you are the victim of physical, mental, or sexual abuse, it may take the help of professionals, law enforcement, and a support network to escape. The most important thing to remember is: It is never OK to abuse someone else! Physical, mental, and sexual abuse are crimes that no one should have to experience.

If you or someone you know is a victim of abuse, it rarely ends with out seeking help.

See the links below for help to deal with Life’s Issues: